Every designer and product owner wants to deliver a best-suited product/service to their end-user that make users life easier and meaningful. And to do so, testing the product/service with real end-users is very crucial.

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“You ≠ End-user”

Usability testing is a great way to gather feedback and insights from the end-users on the designed product/service. And to generate high-quality results from the usability testing, we have to plan and follow the entire process without cutting down a single step in it.

At the very…

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Icons are one of the vital aspects of minimalistic design. And every designer and developer tries to make it as perfect as possible so the user would have no problem to act on it. And icons are a great way to express/communicate the idea.

But, sometimes users face a few…

Avinash Bhujbal

“Product Designer” trying to make digital solutions that are usable and accessible to all.

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